Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Your privacy is prior to us. Your information will not be used for marketing purpose or given to any third party. We take data from you in different ways like applications and request forms on our website( During registration user is required to give client contact data, (for example, First and Last name, E-mail address, Postal location, Personal identifier etc) We will utilize your contact details to contact you in regards to the item and/or services you have asked. This incorporates re-registration/renewal notifications, special offers, and surveys on improving our service. We maintain the record of your phone, email ID and name in our database for future reference and support reason only. You always have the option to request to delete or update your information stored with us.


When a client buys a product, we ask for data from the client on our request structure. A client must give contact data, (for example, name, email, and billing address) and financial data, (for example, credit card number, expiration date). This data is utilized for billing purposes and to take care of client’s requests. On the off chance that we experience difficulty preparing a request, the data is utilized to contact the client.


While asking for support you may ask for the issue to be determined by taking control of your PC. We uses qualified tools which permit client to give control of client PC to an Expert remotely over the Internet, so that the Expert can analyze or adjust issues. Specialists are not permitted to utilize the Remote Access programming until and unless they have received adequate training in its use, and client have agreed to allow control. In addition, Experts will not use Remote Access tools to obtain confidential or sensitive information stored on user computer or network, deliberately destroy information on user computer or network, or cause user to experience system problems.


We utilize sensible efforts to establish safety to protect our customer’s personal information.


We may update the privacy policy. We notify our clients via emails if any changes are made in privacy policy. We also encourage you to review the policy periodically on this page.